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The Ultimate Buyer's Handbook For Document Management Solutions.

Build an iron clad case that will wow supporters, sway the uncommitted and win-over the skeptics!

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Construct an irrefutable case for your Document Management Solution

This free handbook is the ultimate buyer's guide to Document Management Solutions. It is a hands-on guide to evaluating, selecting and implementing the right document management solution for your organization. If you're thinking about document management, this is the handbook you've been looking for.

Here's what you get:

Document Management Solutions
An introduction to Document Management Solutions and their benefits.

Organizational Needs Analysis
A Organizational Needs Analysis to nail down the essentials you must have in your Solution.

System Evaluation Checklist
A System Evaluation Checklist that will help you put the features and benefits of individual systems under the microscope.

Business Process Mapping
A guide to Business Process Mapping that reveals how the experts map (and improve) existing business processes.

Create a cost-benefit analysis
Example of how we created a cost-benefit analysis for PSALM Corporation.

Advice and tips
Advice and tips from the experts for a successful implementation.

Introduction to Document Management Solutions
Document Management Software: System Evaluation Checklist
What document management needs does your organization have?
Document Management: Cost-Benefit Analysis
Expert Advice on Choosing a Document Management Solution
Map your business processes and automate them.

A step-by-step blueprint to getting Document Management right the
first time.

Document Management: the Buyer's Handbook offers an easy-to-follow, step-by-step blueprint that enables you to:

Determine your organizations unique document and record management requirements.

Evaluate the credentials, features and benefits of competing Document Management Solutions.

Map your business processes and get a handle on your implementation requirements.

Analyse the ROI on a pilot project in order to gauge the potential for organization-wide rollout.

This handbook is packed with the key technical information and tools that every analyst needs to objectively assess the potential of any Document Management Solutions. If you've been searching for a guide that offers clear and complete answers in plain English, this is it!

This buyer's handbook is the distillation of two decades of experience scoping proposals for custom Document Management Solutions for some of the world's biggest organizations—organizations that must successfully manage and archive billions of documents and records.

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Who should download this handbook?

If you're a CFO or CTO or administrator responsible for researching, examining and evaluating Document Management Solutions for your organization you'll find this handbook invaluable. Whether you're a novice to the field, or an expert, this guide will help you more accurately your organization's specific requirements, and construct a more compelling case to present to your colleagues.

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The Ultimate Buyer's Handbook For Document Management Solutions.

Build an iron clad case that will wow supporters, sway the uncommitted and win-over the skeptics!

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